Two of the most powerful cryo-electron microscopes in the world have been installed in the University’s Astbury BioStructure Laboratory. The microscopes, which operate using a stream of electrons rather than light to display images, will allow researchers from across the University and around the world to view biological systems in unprecedented detail.

Leeds offers state-of-the-art facilities in data analytics and will partner with researchers and organisations to help make the most of the rapidly growing fields of consumer and medical data change

World-class research has led to award-winning advancements in terahertz science and technology, with potential real-world applications as diverse as satellite remote sensing, chemical analysis, medical imaging and telecommunications.

Unseen footage of major cultural figures of the last 50 years is moving to Leeds. The thousands of video tapes from the 32 year run of The South Bank have been acquired from ITV by the University and feature figures from Harold Pinter to Dolly Parton. The cultural coup has been driven by the University's Chancellor Melvyn Bragg, who conceived, edited and presented the flagship arts show throughout its run. The South Bank Show was a mainstay of British living rooms on Sunday nights from 1978 until 2010 and is widely celebrated for the way it combined high art and popular culture for a mass audience.